CTC 3D Printer Filament ABS 1KG 1.75mm Plastic Rubber Consumables Material For 3D Printing Materials

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ABS Filament in Premium Quality 

The ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) filament is slightly more  heat-resistant than  the  PLA  (Polylactic Acid) filament. 
This also requires a  higher pressure temperature . 

ABS has  high strength  and  surface hardness . 
Additionally, it is  shock resistant ,  reworked  (turning, milling, etc.) and  is only from about 80 ° C  something  soft . 

A heated bed is therefore helpful to minimize the delay.  

Advantages and features of this product

    • more heat resistant than PLA
    • reworkable, turning, milling etc.
    • high impact resistance and surface hardness
    • Heating bed is necessary
    • Filament in top quality
    • strong and consistent color quality
    • constant filament diameter
    • tested and certified filament
    • airtight and packed incl. dry element
  • ABS print area * (recommendations)
    Pressure Temp .: 
    to  250°C
    Pressure bed temp .:
    to  110°C
    to  80mm/s
    Movement Speed:
    to  150mm/s

     The above information is only a recommendation. Since each 3D printer has its own parameter preferences, adjustments to the settings and fine-tuning are necessary to achieve optimal print results.