Product application

  • Retail - It's not so difficult to customize a personal portrait. From now on, it can be achieved by pressing a button. Now many shops on the Internet have begun to sell private customized gifts.

There's nothing you can't call, only something you can't think of.

  • Business- China's first 3D printing experience museum. The lampshades, shoes, toys, portraits and other decorations in the room are not manufactured or manufactured by industrial assembly lines, but all come from a machine - a 3D printer. So, can 3D printing really subvert traditional manufacturing? Is there a 3D printer that will keep you indoors?
  • Entertainment- Hollywood studios in the United States began to use 3D printers extensively several years ago.Monster models, and some special props can be used directly with a 3D printer without expensive grinding costs.
  • Biomedical Science- In the medical field, 3D printers have saved the lives of countless people, and now there are more than 4500 SLA printers printed teeth installed in the mouth of ordinary people in Nanjing. It can also print hearing aids, heart support, cartilage tissue, liver cells and so on.
  • Manufacturing- 3D printers are widely used in the manufacturing industry, and automotive customization companies are also using the device to provide specialized automotive parts for car enthusiasts; consumer electronics manufacturers use it to complete the design of product functions to avoid modification after mass production.