High Accuracy Industrial SLA Riverbase 500 3D Printer

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CTC's new square-shaped printer with the basic color a brown and back that blends easily with any office or production facility decor, a flexural inner panel sets the tone for the device's dynamic design. A box spanner allows for a higher level of customization. The printer also comes equipped with stereolithography 3D printing functionality. 
Stereolithography 3D printing is one of the most wildly used materials deposition-based 3D printing technologies for industrial applications. Riverbase 500 is China's first Gcode-format 3D printer equipped with software operating on CTC's proprietary operation system Riverbase OS. 

The Riverbase 500 laser stereolithography 3D printer's advantages include: 
Stable operation and mobility of high precision-screw rails; negative pressure-and-adsorption-based system enabling reliable and uniform coatings; 
Automated optimization of software-designed scanning paths, which allows for faster processing; 
Online measurement of laser power; setting and optimization of technological parameters; 
Automated liquid level control, which ensures precision of product processing; 
Unique solid design, which supports scanning design separation and convenient post-processing ; 
High level of automation, which supports fully automated control and 24-hour unattended processing; 


  • Type of laser: SOLID laser
  • Wave length: 355nm
  • Power: 200MW-500MW
  • Materials: photosensitive resin


  • Valid spot diameter: 0.10-0.16mm
  • Scanning galvanometer:  F-THETA-LEN system
  • Parts scanning speed: 6.0-12m/s


  • Volume: 100.0L
  • XYZ: 500mm(X)×400mm(Y)x300mm(Z)


  • Operating system: Windows 7, 
  • 3D software: Riverbase OS
  • Date format: 3D design software,STL,SLC