Riverside SLA 3d printer with UV resin on the market

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New CTC SLA 3d printer with UV resin on the market


Molding technology: SLA 
Operating system: Repetier-Host 
Slicing software: Cura (non automatic support system)
Firmware: CTC Riverside 1.0 
Printing supplies: liquid light-sensitive resin 
Print size: 125 x 125 x 165mm 
Print layer thickness: 100micrometers (minimum) 
Document format: STL 
Printer overall dimensions: 28 x 30 x 45cm 
Gross Weight: 14 kg

We are a professional 3d printers manufacturer in Zhuhai, and we are the first one company in this area in China.
We have the local warehouse in USA, UK, AU, DE.
For these countries, the goods can be delivered from our local warehouse directly, and 3-5days would be your hands. What's more, the price is including the shipping cost and tax.
For other counrties, the goods will be delivered from Zhuhai directly. If there is any customers around the four countries, the goods also can be delivered from these area.
This is printer with 2 years guarantee.

Company information
Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co.,  Ltd. is the first 3d printer and consumables manufacturer in China. We are located in beautiful-Zhuhai. It's  the hometown of printing consumables.

We provide customers with a full range of multiple products and technical support services.
As far, we have two kind of 3D printers, FDM series and SLA desktop printers.
CTC 3D has strict corporate standards in accordance with the requirements and operations. Good work makes good quality, details make brand.
Stable product quality come from where "Strict supplier selection mechanism + standardized production management process + super strength factory inspection and test, "makes the achievements of the CTC Electronics" stable quality and excellent products.
The major electronics hardware suppliers are the forefront of the global brand, the circuit part of corporate standards are higher than the industry average.
CTC Electronic Technology strictly enforce high standards of production management process.
Each machine is after 12 hours of standard aging test before delivery, which can guarantee the stability of the product to customers.



Our Service


The 3D printers from our company is 1 year warranty. 

For the detailed warranty term, please check our instructions.


Accessories for SLA 3d printer
1. 3D printer

2. Resin Pool

3. Cleaning tank

4. Scraper

5. CD-ROM Drive

6. 0.5kg UV resin